A 60 Day Mindfulness Journal to Empower Your Soul

Glow UP JournalAs creatives and lightworkers, we felt summoned to create The GLOWUp Journal to help you reclaim or strengthen your magic. As an extension of our magic, this was an opportunity to ignite a shift in ourselves and with our fellow humans. The last several years have been difficult beyond comprehension for all of us and together we decided it was necessary to forge a path into the light.
Both of us innately believe everything on this planet holds a vibration. Each day you fill your space with people, music, shows etc.; everything is a projection of your vibration. Your thoughts vibrate. Aligning and holding your thoughts in a high vibrational pattern is key to living the life you desire.
This can be a challenge, but there are ways to overcome any obstacle.
The desire is to hold a high vibration even when everything goes to hell in a matter of seconds and your day is turned upside down. We have all experienced amazing, aligned days, where we feel everything is happening right, just for us. And, there are plenty of days where we are merely maintaining and holding steady, barely getting by. Others still, where we are lost in the darkness.
Our intention with this journal is to create daily moments to empower your soul, to find more aligned days and to inspire high vibrational patterns. This is your opportunity to reclaim your inner GLOW, to open yourself up to new possibilities, and be the beautiful human you are destined to be.
Journaling doesn’t have to be one thing. It can be free thoughts scattered on the page or power statements and affirmations. The goal is for it to be what you need today. Maybe you take 3 minutes, maybe 20. You might skip a day. There is no wrong way to do this. The important aspect is creating a few moments for yourself to create new intentions, goals, and shift your patterns of thinking.
The quotes we created to inspire your day move through each of the 7 chakras. Starting at Root, each chakra has 7 affirmations and/or quotes to help focus your mind on transforming thought patterns related to the chakras. We have also left a blank page every day for you to doodle, free write or create your own affirmations.
Take a moment to hold Gratitude in your heart, to focus on the Love the earth offers us, to be open to to all the Opportunities before you and always be in a mindset of Wonder.
GLOW like you are destined to do.

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