The Finn O’Malley Collection


Awakening of Light

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The Wise Seers of the Magical Realms have said that humans rarely reach their full potential. Bound by their earthly experience, they never give themselves the opportunity. Unbeknownst to one particular human, fate has other plans.

Full of sass, caffeine, and limited patience, Aislynn McPherson always feels out of sync in a world of gray suits and perfect hairstyles. When a mysterious man insists on buying her a cup of coffee, his very presence forces her to admit the one truth she has been denying: Magic is real.
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Sessions with a Demon

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Everyone’s got issues, even demons. When Ren, a Synergy demon, begins to show favor towards his assignments it creates concern for his superiors and he is sentenced to the one thing he never expected: Weekly sessions with famed demon therapist Dr. Lilith Madson.
A moral debacle ensues when an intriguing human recognizes his invisible presence on the streets and forces him to realize Lilith may have a wicked agenda of her own. Whose side will he take? The human with the all-consuming need for revenge or the delusional therapist determined to wreak havoc?

Dragons Within: Guarding Her Own

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Dragons Within: Guarding Her Own Featuring twelve new and emerging speculative fiction authors, this power-driven book delves deep into the journey from treasure hunter to guardian, mercenary to savior, fire-breather to martyr. Transforming rage into righteousness, the women of Dragons Within claim their people, pledging their lives to...guard their own.

In Finn's story "Fire Dance" you meet Percy, a magical bounty hunter, with an assignment to collect an ancient sigil from the Earth Realm. Never one to pass up on a good fight, she's looking forward to meeting her match.

Under the Mists
A Dark Fae Anthology

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Beyond the veil exists a world of enchanting Fae known for their temptation and trickery. From the sirens of the ocean depths to the kindly tree dwellers of the forest, these creatures lure you in with their beguiling charms.
Humans should be wary of the faery folk, particularly those who tread with darkness at their heels.
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by Amy Fenster, Finn O’malley

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As creatives and lightworkers, we felt summoned to create The GLOWUp Journal to help you reclaim or strengthen your magic. As an extension of our magic, this was an opportunity to ignite a shift in ourselves and with our fellow humans. The last several years have been difficult beyond comprehension for all of us and together we decided it was necessary to forge a path into the light…. to continue reading Click here to continue reading